CLEARSPLINT™ team proposes a highly aesthetic solution for malocclusion correction, which includes an individual design of aligners and exact treatment plan

Change the aligners systematically and smile for the entire duration of treatment
CLEARSPLINT INVISIBLE SOLUTION™ is an innovative system compatible with the latest trend, that allows to correct the malocclusion with the use of invisible aligners


Extremely suitable for wide target group of patients, in the age range of 15 years to 45 years, who are concerned of aesthetic and hygiene aspects and do not decide on permanent braces
Can be used during sleep
Short treatment time compared to fixed braces
3D Simulation
The possibility of seeing the final effect
Follow-Up Visits
A small number of follow-up visits
Aligners are transparent, invisible during use
High percent of treatment goals achievement is clinically confirmed
Aligners are safe for the oral cavity mucosa, easily removable and therefore very comfortable
Comfort and Perfect Fit
Aligners are easy to clean
Aligners are made of high quality biocompatible materials ensuring stability during treatment
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