Founded in 2005, Dentalpoint AG with its strong brand ZERAMEX® is an innovative Swiss manufacturer and global technology leader in the field of metal-free, two-piece ceramic implants
The Zeramex XT boasts maximum prosthetic flexibility, thanks to an unlimited range and digital workflow
They are highly biocompatible and completely free of metallic corrosion
100% metal-free ceramic implants come very close to the natural model of a tooth root in both aesthetics and function
Besides the aesthetic advantages, it offers a significantly lower rate of long-term complications with peri-implantitis

100% Metal-Free Solution for Long-Term Success

The Zeramex XT ceramic implant is placed 1.6 mm supracrestal but can optionally be placed deeper (up to 0.6 mm supracrestal). The cylindrical-conical design of the implant thread was developed to achieve high primary stability. The reservoir for bone grafts at the implant tip simplifies the placement of the implant
Dental implant offers three different platforms (SB / RB / WB) in lengths of 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm and is particularly suitable for anterior restorations, thanks to its small diameter and digital workflow

Suitable for Anterior Restorations

It offers maximum prosthetic flexibility, thanks to reversible screw-in connection and an unlimited range — particularly in the anterior area
The Zeramex XT dental implant belongs to the family of two-piece and 100% metal-free Zeramex ceramic implants

Prosthetic Flexibility

ZERAMEX® stands for a proven and high-quality all-ceramic implant system, which addresses a natural patient need for appealing aesthetics and long-term soft tissue health

Dental Implants

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